21 Albums to hear before you DIE.

Inspired by the book by Robert Dimery, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, I decided to think up a slightly shorter list of 21 albums you should hear before you die. To make it more interesting I challenged  myself to pick one album from each year I've been alive thus far, in line with Dimery's listing… Continue reading 21 Albums to hear before you DIE.


Quarterly year review

We are just over 25% of the way through 2018...lol Wot??? I saw a tweet saying this and it made do a bit of a review in my head. Because I like to torment myself. However it was kinda positive. So far this year I've continued surviving my year abroad in Germany and made a… Continue reading Quarterly year review

Thing that make me feel alive.

Now Playing: Summertime - My Chemical Romance The piano version of that song, that makes me feel alive. It has a melody that makes me feel like I'm on drugs, good drugs. Better than drugs. There She Goes by The La's has a similar effect. and This Night Has Opened My Eyes by The Smiths, my… Continue reading Thing that make me feel alive.