Peter Hook & The Light – Gig Review

Time and Place: 3rd March 2017, Liverpool o2 Academy.

Going on tour without the rest of the band (of the rest of the band…?) to perform the both of the bands’ Greatest Hits sounds like an odd decision, but one that ‘Hooky’ certainly pulled off.

(I sound suspicious, but I did always have…True Faith in him performing…)

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IT’s better than the film…

Books and movies are like apples and oranges. Both are fruit, but taste completely different. – Stephen King.

And linking nicely to that quote, I recently finished Stephen King’s masterpiece IT. Though it’s common knowledge that it is one heck of a long novel, it is difficult to imagine that much is left out of the film given that that it also very long. But lo and behold, some crucial parts are missing from the film adaptation.

As a bookworm, this is a feeling I’m often left with once seeing an adaption. Finishing IT motivated me to write about this nuisance.

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The Lion, The Heteronormativity and The Wardrobe.

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In a society that claims so much to be accepting and over it, a heck of a lot of people still feel the need to come out the closet. Izzy sagt nein.

Yes, LGBT rights have come far enough for most people to be accepted by family and friends once they come out. But why stop there? Demand more. Sons should bring back other father’s sons to their father without a warning, just like it’s another father’s daughter.

Coming out is what heteronormativity feeds off. If those of the LGBT community treat that part of their identity as something that needs to be announced to people, then how can you expect straight, cis people to stop acting like they are the ‘norm’ and you are the ‘other’?

It is of course understandable that given past/current treatment of gays in many parts of the world, that anybody would be at least a little nervous to tell their family. But think about it. Your friend says to you “oh, I’ve got something I need to tell you…” – your mind goes haywire right? What the fuck have they done? Am I going to be mad?

“…I’ve broken your vase, sorry.”

“…I looked in your diary, I couldn’t resist, sorry.”

“…the dog has died, sorry.”

When such announcements are made, an apology always follows. You are not apologising for your identity. Treating your own sexuality or gender in such a way makes you vulnerable; people will be led to think that you yourself are uncomfortable with it (which you may be, but only because of societal expectations).

No doubt, coming out is better than hiding in the wardrobe (what the fuck is a closet?), but don’t tolerate people’s naive assumptions of your heterosexuality. It’s sooo gay.

You may have come out of your cage and be doing just fine, but it’s time to get rid of the cage.

2 a T

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“Choose WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares.”

As Trainspotting is one of my favourite films (and novels), it is understandable that I’m nervous about the sequel. However, I am clinging onto the hope that my only disappointment once I step out of Birkenhead’s Vue* on Saturday night will be that they didn’t go ahead with naming the film Porno.

(*I’d like to take this time to moan about Liverpool One’s Odeon costing a tenner, whilst the chosen venue costs half that. Thatcher’s Britain 2 a T.)

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