5 Ways to Help Deal with Endometriosis (And General BAD Periods)

Periods are a bloody pain aren’t they? Ha.

Since I was about 14 I’ve suffered from and with bad periods. I’d always have to miss school because I just could not stand up without running out of energy, and would have to curl up in a ball approximately every 20 minutes. Sound like you? Here’s ways I simplified my pain 🙂

  1. The Pill, of course.

The Pill gets a bad attitude for supposedly giving women and period sufferers a bad attitude, but that isn’t a certainty. The Pill allows you to delay periods and stop them for months at a time (recently we all discovered you don’t even have to have breaks, that was just a way of getting past the Pope…!). I was put on the Pill by my GP at 16 and this allowed me to attend more school and make sure a period would never fall on an important date.

If you are given the Pill and do turn into a total bitch or a hormonal mess, definitely go to the GP and ask for a different type, there’s so many! Other contraceptives aren’t really ideal if you’re using them for bad periods because they might give you periods forever e.g. the implant.

2. …Exercise.

Virtually impossible at the worst of times but exercise really does stop those cramps. For a little while I attended Zumba classes whilst on my period. Sometimes I’d have to just stop and drink a pint of water and lie on the ice cold floor, but most times it just stopped any pain in my body. At least, in that part of my body. My arms were a different matter.

Exercise definitely moves the focus point of your mind to other parts of your body. It even makes the next trip to the loo less bloody I’ve found. Never force yourself to work out though if the pain is that bad, just get a hottie bottle and Netflix. But still…

3. …Avoid caffeine 😦

I drink so much effing tea that when I got told it can heighten cramps I wanted to cry. Now, I try to make myself only have one cup of tea a day when on my period. In the morning, with my painkillers. Less caffeine sadly does work.

4. Say goodbye to dairy!

Now, this is the biggest one for me. I already wrote about this before but here I am again. Cows milk is NOT for human consumption and nothing proves this more than when somebody consumes it on their period. That alone causes horrendous cramps.

Cows milk contains an enzyme which humans cannot break down, which causes bloating (which many endometriosis sufferers get!) and cramping in many people. It also contains over 60 different hormones, and I don’t think I need to explaining what pumping 60 foreign hormones into your body can do! Cheese, cream, dairy butter all of course derive from milk, so consume less of this on your periods and you’ll notice a difference. You’ll also be doing the world a big favour.

5. Never go out without a bottle of water and some fruit in your bag.

I hope water is a no brainer but I’ve included it anyway. Fruit, I will explain. I imagine you’ve all been told at least once in your life ‘oh eat a banana!’ when you had bad cramps, and it is good advice. Bananas especially help to reduce cramps and make your insides a much happier place.

Most people will crave chocolate on their period, or at least think they crave chocolate. What you’re craving is sugar. Fruit is FULL of natural sugars and does not contain milk so will not give you cramps, magic! Next time you’re about to pick up the chocolate on your slobby period day, try some fruit instead and see if it makes you feel better. (If not, hell, have some chocolate).

If anybody has some different tips that they’ve found useful, please drop them in the comments. Help a gal out x


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