Veganuary with Iceland

Iceland’s exclusive vegan range has been in the freezers for a few months now, and I’ve enjoyed my fair share of exclusively Iceland teas. Perhaps because of Veganuary, my local Iceland in Liverpool has rearranged their store to place the vegan delights before the meats. How the tables are turning.

Whether you’re already vegan, a toying veggie or a toying meatie, here’s what I think of this selection:

No Bull Burgers

The first food to be internet famous, Iceland’s bleeding burgers of beetroot et al. began the plant storm. I’ve been vegetarian for around 3 years now, so had my fair share of veggie burgers. This one is different. It isn’t just a big mushroom being passed off as a slab of meat, or a circular wod of falafel. It has a great chewy texture and even more ravishing taste. Oh, did I mention it bleeds?

Rating: 8/10

No Bull Meatballs

I’ve never actually eaten a real meatball so cannot comment on the likeliness to a real one, yet I have been through 2 bags of these. This might be my mediocre cooking skills but they are very easy to burn and spit into your face a lot whilst cooking. They’re great for adding substance to a basic pasta sauce and I’ve also added them to a mushroom risotto before now. Weirdly, I think I prefer them with the rice than the spaghetti. They’re okay (I’ve bought them twice in about 2 months, and each bag has 16 balls) – if you’re a meat eater transitioning or branching out, you’ll probably appreciate these more than me or fellow herbivores.

Rating: 6/10

No Chick & No Porkies Paella

Paella is one of my favourite dishes and this one is bloody excellent. I had it for tea twice in the space of 3 days recently and that was me forcing myself to only have it twice. Interestingly, I didn’t like real pepperoni as a meat eater and really enjoy this alternative. The chicken substitute is scrumptious and I could just eat strips of it as a snack (something they do in fact sell separately too).

Rating: 10/10

Iceland Takeaway Vegetable Spring Rolls

I’m assuming all veggie spring rolls are vegan anyway but if you’re popping to Iceland for all the above anyway you might as well get 4 of these for a quid! They’re delightful, as most Iceland food is – all palm oil free too.

Rating: 8/10

Iceland’s vegan range

Other Iceland exclusive offers including other kinds of burgers, such as jalapeño and tofu, and some very realistic looking mince, which I am yet to delve into. Whilst you’re there I’d recommend getting some Linda McCartney’s specialities which Iceland always have on offer. The sausages are my personal favourite veggie ones ever, and I could eat their sausage rolls all day.

If you’re participating in Veganuary, well done and good luck! I hope it helps you to become more environmentally friendly and healthy – whatever your aim is.


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