Cat & Mouse.

A short story extract.

It was my first date with a girl in a year. I’d only changed my outfit three times. My record is six. We met the other afternoon, in one of the alleyways you’d avoid after sunset. She told me she was following a cute rat she wanted a photo of for her Instagram. She blushed like she’d revealed too much information about herself. Her name is Clara, my name is Jacob. Like a cream cracker, she smiled.

We were meeting at a bar for our first date. I felt like a greyhound waiting to be released from his pen into the unknown, with hundreds of people betting on him. My friends were betting on me. They were already calling us ‘Clacob’. The street leading to the bar was eerily silent. Suddenly I saw something glowing down a badly lit alley, like something out of Silent Hill. I let out a squeal I’d be embarrassed for my friends to hear. It was a cat. White. The opposite of black. A good omen, perhaps? I virtually skipped the last few metres to the bar.

Ma Mo’s is the name of the bar. It’s the sort of bar you see in films, where when someone walks in everybody goes quiet and stares. Except that doesn’t happen, thankfully. Only Clara turns and stares. She has long fingernails. She pats the stool next to her with her claws.

“Evening, sunshine.”

“Hey”, I elongate. “Sorry if I’m late.”

“Don’t worry”, she laughed, “I like the chase.”

I am currently studying creative writing at university. If anything, this is a draft, but I just wanted to share it! Feedback appreciated.


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