Quarterly year review

We are just over 25% of the way through 2018…lol Wot??? I saw a tweet saying this and it made do a bit of a review in my head. Because I like to torment myself. However it was kinda positive.

So far this year I’ve continued surviving my year abroad in Germany and made a couple of friends. I met an internet friend I’ve had for a while for the first time, and I’ve toyed with veganism a bit more. God dammit chocolate and cheddar cheese…

Working on my body positivity was a crucial aim I had for 2018, and it has kind of been working. In fact, it’s been working a lot compared to previous years! Eating a nutritional diet of 3 meals a day (instead of 2, or maybe even 1…cereal…) has really helped me feel better. Which is funny, because I always thought eating more would make me feel worse. It really does come down to what you eat, not how much you eat.

This sounds incredibly odd but my Nintendo Switch has also cheered me up a lot. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and that has led to many late nights playing on the original Mario Kart Tracks wondering how the heck I reached 21 years of age. Gaming is a great distraction for me and the Switch has quite possibly changed my life. … …

I’ve immersed myself in Germany more this year, mainly because the weather is a bit more bearable than before. Christ, winter is awful in Germany… So far this year I’ve been around Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover and Cologne. Last weekend I went to a Werder Bremen match, meaning I can tick off ‘attending a Bundesliga match’ on my bucket list which I just now created in my head.

I have a few more aims for the year to work on, but so far so good. I have only cried like once a week. I obviously want to continue improving my German, ready for final year of my bachelors (ewwwwwwwwww). Similarly, I want to improve my writing further as I have a burning desire to carry on after my (hopeful) graduation and do a masters in English/Writing. (Where do I think I’m getting this money from??)

I want to continue working on my body positivity and accept myself for the Peng ting I am. And finally, I’d like to learn the piano. Lol. I have no room for a piano so buying a keyboard is on my todo list. Should put my piano (or E.T.) fingers to some use I guess.

Thus concludes my quarterly review, ciao amigos x


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