An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

A few months ago I made a slight change to my diet and the consequences were amazing. The best part? I didn’t do it expecting these results. Okay, now I’ve reeled you in by sounding like a fake advert, let me tell you what I’m taking about.

So yes, a few months ago I ditched the cows milk for non dairy milk. I did this because I realised consuming cows milk is absolutely disgusting, which it is, if you haven’t already realised this.

And then

My periods, which are really fucking terrible normally (never been in school/university on my period for example) became FINE. I could function like a normal being. The cramps were so much less frequent it was amazing. I wondered if it was a one off so waited a couple months for my next period (I triple up on the pill lol) and the exact same happened again. That is, I functioned like a normal being.

The only thing it could have been was dropping the milk. Because of my addictive personality this made me research my findings to see if there could be any science behind it. Shock horror there is.

Turns out, many humans can’t digest an enzyme found in cows milk, which is what leads to the bloating many people experience, and the cramps for perioding women. Who’d have thought, humans can’t digest things like a cow, wow.

A couple weeks ago I also went to visit my nan who was nonstop complaining about cramps and bloating she was experiencing. I obviously told her about my experience and she became horrified by the thought of cows milk. Whoops.

To top it all off she then came out with Gillian McKeith’s book You Are What You Eat. For any non Brits reading this, she’s basically a woman who inspects people’s poo on television. Anyway, in this book she talks about signs your body gives you about your food intake. One of these was that if you have a line down your tongue, you have an intolerance for dairy milk.

Lo and behold, I have that line. It also turns out my nan had this same line, so I guess it was this encounter that made me want to share the info with more people!

So basically, the point of this post is to encourage you all to be more aware of what you eat and what it does to your body (and the environment!)


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