Uncompromising: How Relationships Should Be.

Today’s Daily Prompt reminded me of something I’ve felt for a little while now but never really known how to express. This prompt made me realise how: relationships should be uncompromising.

Confused? Yes, you probably are because we are constantly told that relationships are about cOOOoooompromISE.

I find this idea very problematic. A lot of couples seem to forget that they are both separate individuals, separate entities, that can live alone. Relationships shouldn’t mean having to do what somebody else wants to do instead of what you want to do, in the name of love.

Of course, things like where to go out for a meal can be a compromise. But, I see too often people making important decisions such as what educational path to go down, where to live in the name of love. They’re just compromising.

Not listening to your own wants and desires is not a healthy relationship! Never let your other half guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do in the name of Compromise! Unless it’s ordering a pizza instead of cooking, then yes. Listen. I always listen when they say that.

This is just an idea I wanted to get off my chest so phew, thank god for that daily prompt!


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