My top 5 UNDERRATED games

I was going to do a top 5 games of all time list, then realised I would never be satisfied with my choices. Sigh. SO, I decided to do something more excited and choose my top 5 games that I think should have been more worshipped. I play PlayStation and Nintendo consoles so sorry to any Xbox only games that might be good…

5. My Frogger Toy Trials (DS, 2006)

I bought this game from America (back in the non region cartridge days) and never saw it in Europe so that alone shows its underrated. You end up having a cute frog (duh) to train in these trials against other people’s frogs and you go away to this island (I think) to go and win the lot. Your frog will have to do things such as…try to not fall into water…dangerous for frogs as you all know…

The game is just fun and in classic retro DS style it includes a fun multiplayer mode where only one person needs the game. I miss those days.

4. The Simpsons Game (PS2, 2007)

Easily the most well known from the list, this might seem like an odd game to include in an underrated list. However, I feel people’s memories only ever recall Hit & Run and everybody forgets this daft gem. Nothing against Hit & Run which is always call the best game.

This game was naturally a lot less repetitive than its superior and kickstarted the switch from PS2 to PS3. No I’m not crying, you are. My favourite memory from this game is playing as Homer and trying to eat more food than everybody else?? I’m not sure if that was the aim of that part of the game but it’s what I did anyway.

3. The Urbz: Sims in the City (PS2, 2004)

What. A. Game. Being friends with and Fergie, I mean, what. The whole aim of this game was to make your Sim fit in with every subgroup of the urban world. In other words, the aim was to prepare you for your pending youth.

I blame this game for my disappointment at growing up and realising you didn’t get money by skateboarding with zero skateboarding skill or making sushi with zero cooking skill, but with having a job in retail. Boo. Easily the second best spin off of the Sims…more of that to come.

2. Fantasy Life (3DS, 2012)

I only stumbled across this game when searching for “games like harvest moon”, I had never heard anything about it before so went into the game not expecting much but just a way to pass the time. I realise that describes all gaming but you know what I mean. It ended up being one of those games where I was actually devastated when I finished it because I love the world in it so much.

Your character has the choice to choose one of 7 different lives they can lead in this world. You’ll most likely end up playing them all by the time you finish though. Throughout the game other characters will give you tasks to do for them such as collect certain fruit or fish or furniture and you’ll get money or resources in return. Whilst all this is going on a strange butterfly is following you around and speaking to the sky during the night. All will be revealed…If you have a 3DS you definitely need this game and if you don’t have a 3DS you definitely need a 3DS.

1. The Sims 2 Castaway (PS2, 2007)

WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS GAME. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!! If any of you somehow don’t know what you do in this game, you and some friends end up stranded on an island and your character has to find the other sims and, well, survive. You have to collect bamboo, twigs, bananas etc. in order to make furniture to survive and clothes to not be naked. The bananas are more to befriend chimps, who also end up helping you.

It’s basically an adult version of Lord of the Flies. You might even end up killing a Piggy. I have replayed this game so many times because I just find it so fun. In fact, I might go and find it now.

Do you have any favourite games that you think are underrated? Do you think my taste in games is awful? Feel free to let me know! I’m now going to go and totally not overthink this list…


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