A Day in Cologne/Köln!

I was supposed to be going to Cologne all the way back in October to see Lady Gaga. However, due to illness she had to reschedule to 13th February. And then, due to illness she had to cancel! I was so gutted but nevertheless I took the opportunity to sightsee in this weird and wonderful (and chilly) city.

Arrival at around 3:45pm after a 3 hour train journey from Bremen was a relief. I couldn’t wait to walk and walk and never sit down again. But my friend had arrived by flight earlier that morning and had been walking all day until my arrival so we had to compromise. A little sit down and then a little walking.

We rented an apartment through airbnb that was so nice I could easily live in it…if it wasn’t on the fifth floor of an apartment block with NO LIFT. No wonder the guy just rents it out continuously. So after finding the apartment and doing the 10 minute walk to the door, we sat down for a bit and then headed on out.

After going to the totally wrong place on the totally confusing tram routes we went to the Köln Triangle and climbed (this time with a lift) 28 floors to the top of a sky scraper with a 360 view of the city. By this time it was around 6pm so the lighting was great.

If you’re going to Cologne I’d recommend going to the skyscraper. It costs 3 euros to go up and is worth it for the views and snaps you can get.

The next morning we woke up early to go the Museum Ludwig in the morning. This cost around 10 euros entry which at first looked pretty expensive to us for the art gallery but then you go inside and realise the building is like the Tardis. After an hour of being in there we hadn’t even seen half the exhibitions. There’s also an old Foto Lab in there which lets you try out your skills on using the old style camera where you trace the image you see. Safe to say our results were not fantastic.

Afterwards we basically just walked around the city until my train at around 2:30pm. There’s a row of colourful houses near one of the cathedrals that makes an amazing photo. I almost didn’t risk taking my gloves off for the snap but I’m glad I did. The main cathedral, the Dom, is absolutely huge. I made the mistake of looking right to the top and spotting a set of ladders, the thought of going to the top of that cathedral and climbing some ladders made me feel a bit queasy to be honest.

Overall, Cologne is a very pretty city, divided by the Rhein, creating almost two cities. The old and the new. I would go there again, with a better understanding of the public transport. And maybe with a better climate. But that isn’t in my hands I guess.

We made the mistake of going just after the Karneval so there was a lot of clown masks about the place. Not ideal. But if you’re into that sort of thing, I hear Köln is the place to be for Karneval season! I’m going to end with a random photo of a cat I spotted during the trip because I couldn’t resist including it. 🙂


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