Studying Abroad: Semester 1. Complete!

I am halfway there, I have finished my first semester of my two semesters abroad. Phew!

To be honest this post is more self-criticism than anything interesting for others to read, but please do read! I will try and make it sound like advice haha. Let’s goooooooo

The beginning

of my year abroad was pretty bad as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, but I also didn’t expect it to be an easy ride anyway. I was nearly not granted my grant (…) because of mistakes on a little document, I will never underestimate proof reading again x

A more trivial problem I faced at the beginning was getting used to different traditions in Germany compared to the UK. Basically, I mean shops being shut on Sundays. What the fuck. Make sure you bulk buy your cereal and soya milk and don’t end up starving on the day of rest!

Settling in

did take a while if I’m honest but it’s obviously worth waiting for. I know a lot of people panic right at the beginning of a year abroad and bottle it and go home, don’t do that.

Two months into my time in Germany my boyfriend came to visit (my first and only visitor the whole time wtf????). That was obviously great because I felt comfortable in the environment by this time. However when they left it was obviously horrid and then it made me even more homesick I think. Men!

Waiting for the Christmas break

was TORTURE! My friend on their year abroad in Italy went home three days before me and I’d never been more jealous. I’m usually a Scrooge but having to wait until 22nd December to go home (and see the cat) was not ideal. Nicht gut.

Coming back to Germany

after two weeks with my friends and family (cat) seemed like a nightmare but when I actually got back I felt finer than I’d ever felt before being here. I guess little breaks in between is what makes the distance cope-able with. Is that even a word??

Advice for me and yourselves!

  • Talk to people! Since coming back after Christmas I’ve spoken to people more openly and it’s felt better, I feel less isolated and therefore more motivated
  • Have plans! Which is much easier said than done for me, but hey. Having something to countdown to makes every day worthwhile
  • Equal balance between work and fun! If you’re lucky enough to have the same things listed under those two headers then fuck you

And that concludes my mid study abroad review. I sort of lied about being halfway through because I do still have an exam next week. I best go and revise…and also play on my DS.


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