Am I being haunted by cats?

I hope so.

I was brought up with two cats, who died when I was 13 and 17. After the latter died I began having dreams about them. 4 years on, they still haven’t stopped and now they are more frequent than ever.

I will give you a back story just because I like thinking about them, feel free to skip until I say stop skipping 😉

I got the cats when I was 3 and as a 3 year old does I named them Tinky Winky and Dipsy… for you non UK people they were characters from a children’s show called Teletubbies. Aw. They were my life. The cats not the Teletubbies.

Tinky Winky was the first to go. The worst part about it was I was away at the time of her death so I never got to say goodbye, though in dreams I have felt like she’s coming back to let me say that.

Dipsy’s death was probably the most traumatic experience of my life. She became ill quite awhile before her death. Firstly she had an “overactive thyroid”, weirded me out when I was told as I’m pretty sure my Nan had the same thing. And then she (the cat, not my Nan) started to have fits.

I vividly remember her having a fit once, completely unable to stand herself up, and she still went through the effort of crawling to the other side of the room to be sat by me. These fits continued and the vets gave us an injection to give her, that had to be inserted up her bum…

With it being my cat, I did the honours. They helped her for a while but then the vet said if we have to bring her in again it’s probably best to put her down. After this, she went missing.

Anybody with a cat will know that they like to die in peace, people believe they are probably embarrassed by the thought of dying in the home and then being found. Of course, we assumed this had happened. We told all our family and friends that Dipsy had gone to die.

Two weeks later she turned up in the garden. I know. For a couple weeks she was completely fit free, nature had temporarily cured her. She spent her last few days mainly on my bed. And then of course the fits began again and the vet had to put her out of her misery. I carried her to the bottom of the garden with her favourite teddy and buried her next to her sister. Luckily it was school half term so I didn’t have to call in sick over another dead pet. (After the first death turned out to be a false alarm).

STOP SKIPPING!!!! And look at the beautiful, late Tinky Winky (tabby) and Dipsy (calico)

A few months later I got another cat, he’s very troublesome and weird I’ll have to write about him soon. I think part of me felt guilty, maybe that is what brought on the dreams in the first place.

My dreams are mostly just of Dipsy, but sometimes Tinky Winky is there too. They’re difficult the explain. Sometimes only I can see them, or I am hiding them from others as I want them to myself. Sometimes my whole family can see them and we all acknowledge their presence in the dream. But always, I know in the dream still that they’re dead. Unconscious me knows it has to be a ghost for it to make sense.

In some dreams my current cat is there too. It feels like my previous cats are telling me they accept him (“good choice of cat, dickhead”). In some dreams we are just having fun, a lot of the time I’m in the snow with them.

I of course googled what this means and got the following answer: to dream of a dead pet returning symbolises a current problem in your life is something you’ve experienced before. The pet is trying to tell you how you previously dealt with it.

To think that my old pets are coming back to haunt me to help me out in times of need, is weirdly the most comforting thought I have ever had in my entire life. And to think people call cats self centred assholes.


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