Orange Origins (shower thoughts)

People often lightheartedly ask “What was called orange first; the colour, or the fruit?” But fewer people truly ponder the answer. In the shower I did just that. And I believe I have found the answer.

When you think about all the common colours we have in the world – say, green, red and brown – you see them everywhere. Orange is different. Name something that is orange other than an orange. Donald Trump does not count.

Where I’m going with this is basically: I believe the colour orange was named after the fruit orange, as not many things are the colour orange.

It probably started with people saying something was ‘orange coloured’, and then they decided to just call the colour itself orange. It’s mad to think about. If this technique was used for everything, we could have been reading The Banana Wallpaper. ‘We all live in a banana submarine, a banana submarine, a…’ – you get the point.

When I came to this realisation I felt much better – both about life, and the fact I’d spent so long in the shower.


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