Give Peas A Chance

As an animal lover, giving up meat was something that I always inspired to do. As a child I told my vegetarian mum I wanted to do it twice, and both times I caved in. Last summer I decided to seriously quit beating that meat, and I feel finger lickin’ good because of it…

The sudden rise in the promotion of veganism on social media influenced me to write about just why turning veggie has made me feel better.

I feel less hypocritical

At school, vegetarians would always tell me I was being hypocritical if I was against horse racing etc. whilst eating meat. Don’t get me wrong, at the time I totally got their point. But I ‘just loved chicken too much’. OK.

Once you realise you are actually eating a dead corpse, you start to love it in a different way. You start to love chicken for being an animal, like you, that deserves to be roaming free (sadly, not like you under the current capitalist system).

I feel less lazy

During the first couple months of my veggie lifestyle I noticed that whenever I couldn’t be bothered to cook my natural instinct was to say to myself “oh I’ll just have some turkey dinosaurs”. Not anymore!!!!!

Now, when I can’t reallyyyyy be bothered to cook, I’ll have a salad or something instead. I assume I don’t need to explain why that’s a better option. And if you’re one of those people that says something like “oh but I don’t like salad” or “oh yeah haha cos that’s filling!”, then you’re obviously not doing it right. 🙂

I feel more body-positive

This might sound like a strange one but knowing that there is no dead bird in your body does make you feel better about your body. The fact that you need to substitute the meat with other things too, which usually turn out to be vegetables, has a good effect mentally.

Knowing that you’re putting better things into your body makes you see a better body. It’s true that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but that doesn’t mean the outside can’t be a bonus! ;p

I feel and get less ill

Let’s be honest, you’re most certainly more likely to get food poisoning for eating off chicken than an off carrot. It’s much easier to put something dodgy into your body when meat is on your plate, and I feel a genuine difference in my physical health since giving it up.

I’m not a scientist so maybe I’ve just been lucky, but an improvement in the immune system appears to be a result of leaving meat off your plate.

Taking the moral high-ground can be fun

I know you all secretly agree with me, it’s fun to take the moral high-ground. And when you don’t eat meat you get plenty of opportunities to. Take this article for example.


….but seriously, meat will never be ethical. Think of your cats and dogs. Some of you might even HAVE chickens.

Thank u for reading x


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