Peter Hook & The Light – Gig Review

Time and Place: 3rd March 2017, Liverpool o2 Academy.

Going on tour without the rest of the band (of the rest of the band…?) to perform the both of the bands’ Greatest Hits sounds like an odd decision, but one that ‘Hooky’ certainly pulled off.

(I sound suspicious, but I did always have…True Faith in him performing…)

The band opened positively with ‘In A Lonely Place’, which it is safe to say didn’t reflect the Atmosphere of the room. To my surprise this began the first half of the night, with the band deciding to split their performance into completely New Order and completely Joy Division, with what I can only imagine was a break in the middle to take a step back in time.

Playing ‘Temptation’ and ‘Blue Monday’ after each other was bound to start a riot on the floor. However I regret to say I was a bit disappointed at this stage. As an avid New Order fan I was let down by the shorter version of the latter being played. It was simply a disrespect to the best-selling 12″ Single of all time. (Ahem, which I own an original of).

‘The Perfect Kiss’ was a personal highlight of the night; with it being a personal favourite of the band’s long and impressive career. Ending with ‘True Faith’ and ‘1963’ really satisfied the vinyl nerd in me – just the order I wanted.


And now we’re at Joy Division, and this time the opener did reflect the Atmosphere of the room. There certainly was ‘No Love Lost’ for Joy Division in this crowd, with roughly an age span from 55 years to 18 years. I myself went aged 20, with my mum aged 50.

Hook did a pretty good vocal cover for the late Ian Curtis too, a frontman that could hardly be competed with. ‘These Days’ and ‘Transmission’ were real crowd pleasers on the night. I’m sure I’m not exaggerating when I say in some parts of the room there were tears.

And, of course, the finale was ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (the latter of which Hook devoted to his wife…which I really don’t think he thought through…) Two iconic songs ending a night dedicated to an iconic album, dedicated to two iconic bands.

If you get the chance to see this man and his clan I would definitely say to go for it. It’ll be cheaper than New Order.


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