Give Peas A Chance

As an animal lover, giving up meat was something that I always inspired to do. As a child I told my vegetarian mum I wanted to do it twice, and both times I caved in. Last summer I decided to seriously quit beating that meat, and I feel finger lickin’ good because of it…

The sudden rise in the promotion of veganism on social media influenced me to write about just why turning veggie has made me feel better.

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3pm mayhem, and where to miss it.

DISCLAIMER: I write this post pretending that I do not watch streams of football matches at any time of the day, as that is illegal highly frowned upon.

Any fan of the soon to be Cadburys Premier League will know the heartbreak of seeing the announcement of which monthly fixtures will be televised, and not seeing their beloved side playing against West Bromwich Albion being on the big screen. (Sorry WBA fans, just a good example innit).

But why exactly do Sky and BT not show these 3pm matches?

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Peter Hook & The Light – Gig Review

Time and Place: 3rd March 2017, Liverpool o2 Academy.

Going on tour without the rest of the band (of the rest of the band…?) to perform the both of the bands’ Greatest Hits sounds like an odd decision, but one that ‘Hooky’ certainly pulled off.

(I sound suspicious, but I did always have…True Faith in him performing…)

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