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As Trainspotting is one of my favourite films (and novels), it is understandable that I’m nervous about the sequel. However, I am clinging onto the hope that my only disappointment once I step out of Birkenhead’s Vue* on Saturday night will be that they didn’t go ahead with naming the film Porno.

(*I’d like to take this time to moan about Liverpool One’s Odeon costing a tenner, whilst the chosen venue costs half that. Thatcher’s Britain 2 a T.)

Izzy’s Preview:

I do have pretty great expectations. The soundtrack is good; clinging to the 90s of the original whilst fitting it in with the present. For me it is a bit surreal for Wolf Alice to be on the soundtrack of a film that will hopefully be up there with Trainspotting (1) for my future self. Having seen Wolf Alice in March 2016 in a tiny venue in Liverpool, I can already tell going back to this film in years to come will trigger a nostalgia-rush when I hear the beginning of Silk.

More importantly: the original cast stuck with it after 20 years. It takes a lot for actors to accept going back to old characters, especially if those characters are viewed by many as being quite frankly humiliating. Heck, even Jamie Dornan didn’t want to go back to playing Christian Grey only a year after taking that mask off.

Robert Carlyle aka Begbie has revealed he had two teeth removed pre-filming, so I’m hoping for expecting a familiar looking fist-up at some point during the long-anticipated two hours. For once, I hope we’ve all chosen watching history repeat itself in this sequel.

Izzy’s Review:

Panic not, as all expectations are met and exceeded with this much anticipated sequel. The ad before the film started (coincidentally, relating back to my preview) claimed Fifty Shades Darker was the ‘hottest release of the year’, and I certainly beg to differ.

T2 perfectly mirrors it prequel: Renton is still smirking into windscreens, Spud is still mindbogglingly dim, Sick Boy (well, it’s Simon now) is still blond as fuck, and Begbie is still fuming. Perhaps the most shocking part is finding out that whilst in Amsterdam Renton managed to give up drugs…

Without spoilers, a personal favourite scene is Renton and Simon finding themselves stuck in a Proddy Party singing about killing Catholics. Besides this, a lot of the film harks back to 1996. Diane is back looking younger than ever (ha) compared to the likes of Begbie and Spud. Like Trainspotting, T2 is most definitely a film of its time, that has already made its mark in the now. Two Scottish men turning to the European Union in the hope of getting a grant for a business is something very relevant for ’17. It’s a good job they decided to make the sequel now, if they waited any later Simon wouldn’t have been able to have a Bulgarian girlfriend as easily.

Sly digs at 52% of Britain aside, T2 is undeniably a must-see. At one point Simon criticises Mark of just being nostalgic. But is that really a bad thing? “First there’s an opportunity, then a betrayal”, yet with T2, Boyle and co. did not betray the hearts of the cult they began mustering up 20 years ago. Choose Life. Choose T2.


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