Give Peas A Chance

As an animal lover, giving up meat was something that I always inspired to do. As a child I told my vegetarian mum I wanted to do it twice, and both times I caved in. Last summer I decided to seriously quit beating that meat, and I feel finger lickin' good because of it... The sudden rise… Continue reading Give Peas A Chance


Cat & Mouse.

A short story extract. It was my first date with a girl in a year. I’d only changed my outfit three times. My record is six. We met the other afternoon, in one of the alleyways you’d avoid after sunset. She told me she was following a cute rat she wanted a photo of for… Continue reading Cat & Mouse.

21 Albums to hear before you DIE.

Inspired by the book by Robert Dimery, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, I decided to think up a slightly shorter list of 21 albums you should hear before you die. To make it more interesting I challenged myself to pick one album from each year I've been alive thus far, in line with Dimery's… Continue reading 21 Albums to hear before you DIE.

The Importance of being Ms. Marvel

I recently started the Ms. Marvel comic series and was so surprised by how not cliche it was, I felt I had to write about it. So Ms. Marvel is actually average Brown girl Kamala Khan. As soon as I realised the main character was a female Muslim I internally groaned, expecting the entire series… Continue reading The Importance of being Ms. Marvel

An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

A few months ago I made a slight change to my diet and the consequences were amazing. The best part? I didn't do it expecting these results. Okay, now I've reeled you in by sounding like a fake advert, let me tell you what I'm taking about. So yes, a few months ago I ditched… Continue reading An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

A Day in Cologne/Köln!

I was supposed to be going to Cologne all the way back in October to see Lady Gaga. However, due to illness she had to reschedule to 13th February. And then, due to illness she had to cancel! I was so gutted but nevertheless I took the opportunity to sightsee in this weird and wonderful… Continue reading A Day in Cologne/Köln!