Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

In the past couple of weeks, like many people, I’ve become more aware and conscious of my white privilege. I always knew it was there, but I felt uncomfortable thinking about it. The death of George Floyd and its aftermath has made me rethink my position as a white person in society. We deserve to… Continue reading Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

My New Year diet: no social media.

No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram. It's no secret that social media is to people born from 1994 onwards what the radio is to people born in the 30s. What TV is to people born in the 60s. A necessity, in other words. But is it really? My nosy self decided to find… Continue reading My New Year diet: no social media.

The truth about momma cats

I love adore cats. In fact, I’m surrounded by them. I have an unholy amount of permanent drawings of them on my body. But they’re vile and grim. Everybody knows cats lick their own arse. Every owner knows their breath stinks after a long nap. But that isn’t the vile part. Oh, no. I recently… Continue reading The truth about momma cats

Top 3 Scary Stories I read this year.

In totally unique style, the coming of October has got me thinking about my favourite scary things. I am a big fan of horror - be it in film format, book or game (I am currently completing Luigi’s Mansion 3 - peak horror). When someone says horror novels, nobody on this planet doesn’t think of… Continue reading Top 3 Scary Stories I read this year.

The Great British Clean Week

Friday 18th September, marks the beginning of the long Great British Clean week for 2020. The 27 year strong event created by the Marine Conservation Society is usually a weekend long event, but due to the current climate the organisation opted for a week long event, to allow more people to get involved whilst adhering… Continue reading The Great British Clean Week

Cheap Kindle books I read in August.

Temporarily jobless and with £15 credit on my Amazon account, my Kindle was overworked over August. I read three e-books over this period and enjoyed every one of them. Though I got them all for 99p each (the Kindle 99p sales are elite), I have checked and they are still only £3.99! See if they… Continue reading Cheap Kindle books I read in August.

The Hidden Racism in the English Game

Most of the info I share in the following post has come from the BBC 3 Documentary “Shame in The Game: Racism in Football.” This is an only 25 min long documentary that is immensely eye-opening. Shame in The Game: Racism in Football. A highly recommended quick watch. Everybody knows that racism exists in football.… Continue reading The Hidden Racism in the English Game

New Horizons vs. New Leaf vs. Wild World

We’ve now had 30+ days and the first major update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Where does the time go? Well, thanks to the nature of the Nintendo Switch Profile system, I can confirm the time has gone to AC:NH. A lot. This edition to the main series of Animal Crossing preserves many of the… Continue reading New Horizons vs. New Leaf vs. Wild World