My New Year diet: no social media.

No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram. It's no secret that social media is to people born from 1994 onwards what the radio is to people born in the 30s. What TV is to people born in the 60s. A necessity, in other words. But is it really? My nosy self decided to find… Continue reading My New Year diet: no social media.


5 Language Learning Tips (From a A Wannabe Expert)

Trying to learn a language and find that the day after mastering the past tense you've forgotten it? Me too. But over the years I've noticed certain things that really do help. Here's my top 5. Listen to the target language at night and it might just seep into your dreams. Sometimes after listening to… Continue reading 5 Language Learning Tips (From a A Wannabe Expert)

Homotopia – one’s reality is another’s dystopia

Recently I visited the Homotopia exhibition in Liverpool city centre, titled Wake Up Together. Located by the Docks, I originally intended to go on a chilled walk by the river and soak in the first UV rays after the surprisingly snowy (yet unsurprisingly freezing) winter. Yet, as with any young person in the U.K., when… Continue reading Homotopia – one’s reality is another’s dystopia

5 Ways to Help Deal with Endometriosis (And General BAD Periods)

Periods are a bloody pain aren't they? Ha. Since I was about 14 I've suffered from and with bad periods. I'd always have to miss school because I just could not stand up without running out of energy, and would have to curl up in a ball approximately every 20 minutes. Sound like you? Here's… Continue reading 5 Ways to Help Deal with Endometriosis (And General BAD Periods)

The Food Body

A short narrative about how everyday experiences are perceived when struggling with mental health problems. This is fictional. As with every child, I was a greedy one. Whenever I asked for more than my mum's recommended daily calorie intake she told me to picture the food on my body. So I did. I'd imagine the… Continue reading The Food Body

Veganuary with Iceland

Iceland's exclusive vegan range has been in the freezers for a few months now, and I've enjoyed my fair share of exclusively Iceland teas. Perhaps because of Veganuary, my local Iceland in Liverpool has rearranged their store to place the vegan delights before the meats. How the tables are turning. Whether you're already vegan, a… Continue reading Veganuary with Iceland

2018 in a Bookshelf.

So, it's Christmas. Aka the end of the year, as the final week always goes too quick to even notice. Naturally this is a time for self reflection, and my first thought was about what books I've read this year. Obviously! Below is my review of my year, in a bookshelf. (Ha) Easy Recommendations Jurassic… Continue reading 2018 in a Bookshelf.

21 Albums to hear before you DIE.

Inspired by the book by Robert Dimery, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, I decided to think up a slightly shorter list of 21 albums you should hear before you die. To make it more interesting I challenged myself to pick one album from each year I've been alive thus far, in line with Dimery's… Continue reading 21 Albums to hear before you DIE.