Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

In the past couple of weeks, like many people, I’ve become more aware and conscious of my white privilege. I always knew it was there, but I felt uncomfortable thinking about it. The death of George Floyd and its aftermath has made me rethink my position as a white person in society. We deserve to… Continue reading Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

My New Year diet: no social media.

No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram. It's no secret that social media is to people born from 1994 onwards what the radio is to people born in the 30s. What TV is to people born in the 60s. A necessity, in other words. But is it really? My nosy self decided to find… Continue reading My New Year diet: no social media.

An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

A few months ago I made a slight change to my diet and the consequences were amazing. The best part? I didn't do it expecting these results. Okay, now I've reeled you in by sounding like a fake advert, let me tell you what I'm taking about. So yes, a few months ago I ditched… Continue reading An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

My Bizarre Covid Weekend in Cologne

We've all been there. Bored of mundane repetitive days, so we open up the RyanAir app and look at random flight routes and their prices. I did this one day in mid-August and found two tickets left for £20 return flights Manchester to Cologne. (Cologne-Bonn, I should say. Do people from Bonn get annoyed their… Continue reading My Bizarre Covid Weekend in Cologne

The never ending lockdown

For most of last year, and a fair bit of this year (depending on where you’re living), we experienced life in lockdown. Lots of us felt trapped inside the same four walls - doing the same few activities a day. It was depressing, wasn’t it? Boring. Quite anxiety inducing. For some, it made life seem… Continue reading The never ending lockdown

Top 5 Tips for going vegan

Going vegan can be challenging. But that’s not because it’s ‘unnatural’ or because of our supposedly massive teeth that are actually very small and could not rip through a living animal at all - it’s because most of us are raised on meat and dairy. It is our normal. Sometimes people have that 💡 moment… Continue reading Top 5 Tips for going vegan

Looking after a hamster for life

On 7th July and 12th July respectively I lost my two dwarf hamster brothers. They were around 2 years and 2 months old, and therefore had a long and thrilling life. Apple and Bobbins Unfortunately, a lot of hamster owners never find their hamsters reaching their life expectancy of 2 years as they're very vulnerable… Continue reading Looking after a hamster for life

#FreeBritney: how did we get here?

Unless you’ve been living under an ignorance rock (of which I’d be somewhat jealous) you’ll know that Popstar, Britney Spears, has been fighting to get an end to her conservatorship that she’s been living under for 13 years. The conservatorship began after her public breakdown. So let’s start there. Let’s talk about Perez Hilton. Hilton… Continue reading #FreeBritney: how did we get here?

Lockdown Life Lessons

21st June should have been the UK's 4th July - sort of. Freedom Day, as the media called it. Myself, along with most of the population of the British Isles were looking forward for this day. Everywhere being open like normal, rules on numbers of people allowed somewhere gone - a sense of a return… Continue reading Lockdown Life Lessons

Why women wear bras and how it started

For girls in the western world, there are two key moments in your life. One is when you get your first period. The other is when you get your first bra. These are the signs you’re sadly reaching womanhood. But for most 13 year old girls, a bra is definitely unnecessary. So why do we… Continue reading Why women wear bras and how it started

Why you should challenge yourself to change your diet – and how

Lent has just ended - the 40 day period where many Christians, or those living in Christian countries, give up a food or drink. You can give up anything for Lent, but it is more often than not a food or drink. I believe this shows that many of us know deep down that what… Continue reading Why you should challenge yourself to change your diet – and how