Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

In the past couple of weeks, like many people, I’ve become more aware and conscious of my white privilege. I always knew it was there, but I felt uncomfortable thinking about it. The death of George Floyd and its aftermath has made me rethink my position as a white person in society. We deserve to… Continue reading Black Lives Matter is a White People Problem

My New Year diet: no social media.

No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram. It's no secret that social media is to people born from 1994 onwards what the radio is to people born in the 30s. What TV is to people born in the 60s. A necessity, in other words. But is it really? My nosy self decided to find… Continue reading My New Year diet: no social media.

An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

A few months ago I made a slight change to my diet and the consequences were amazing. The best part? I didn't do it expecting these results. Okay, now I've reeled you in by sounding like a fake advert, let me tell you what I'm taking about. So yes, a few months ago I ditched… Continue reading An unconventional Transformation Tuesday

Why women wear bras and how it started

For girls in the western world, there are two key moments in your life. One is when you get your first period. The other is when you get your first bra. These are the signs you’re sadly reaching womanhood. But for most 13 year old girls, a bra is definitely unnecessary. So why do we… Continue reading Why women wear bras and how it started

Why you should challenge yourself to change your diet – and how

Lent has just ended - the 40 day period where many Christians, or those living in Christian countries, give up a food or drink. You can give up anything for Lent, but it is more often than not a food or drink. I believe this shows that many of us know deep down that what… Continue reading Why you should challenge yourself to change your diet – and how

Where Sand Comes From & Other Stories.

On land, there is an animal that baffles humans with its apparent ability to mimic us. It is called a parrot. It is often very colourful, and loud. But did you know it has an underwater counterpart? There are 95 different species of Parrotfish - all living up to the namesake. They are colourful, and… Continue reading Where Sand Comes From & Other Stories.

Internet addicts aren’t anti-social, they’re seeking meaningful connections

During my time at university, I studied a module that covered the Internet and how it has changed people’s everyday lives. Many people assume the Internet has only changed people’s lives in a negative way when it comes to human connections. But this isn’t true at all. And the many people who actually suffer from… Continue reading Internet addicts aren’t anti-social, they’re seeking meaningful connections

My Nirvana

When you close your eyes, what world do you imagine? I imagine a world where kids aren't confined to either a blue or pink box - filled with toy guns or dolls, respectively. I see girls comfortably being into science and boys happily creating dance routines. In the world behind my eyelids, people aren't starving… Continue reading My Nirvana

Read this if you’re feeling bad about yourself

Everybody I know feels bad about themselves for some superficial reason at one stage or another. When you feel fat (which apparently equates to bad) - it must be fixed. When you feel unlovable - something has gone wrong inside you. When a part of your identity isn't the social norm - you want to… Continue reading Read this if you’re feeling bad about yourself

Nature’s Unlikely Marine Alliances

At the start of the year I bought the Blue Planet II book with some birthday money and predicted within two weeks I would be writing blog posts about animals that nobody has asked for. I was correct. Here I am. False Killer Whales and Bottle-Nose Dolphins You’ve heard of killer whales (I prefer the… Continue reading Nature’s Unlikely Marine Alliances

My Year Wrapped – 2020

For years now, everybody has looked forward to their Spotify Wrapped dropping at the beginning of December. The success of the project caught the eyes of many other companies and this year I found myself getting highlights of my year from 4 different apps. Thanks, Spotify. Spotify My Spotify Wrapped was unsurprisingly taken over by… Continue reading My Year Wrapped – 2020

Xmas 2020 – Thoughts

You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas this year is going to be a little bit different than usual (here in the UK, at least. I can’t speak for the rest of the Xmas celebrating world). The way you celebrate might be different. The way you see family might be different. It might… Continue reading Xmas 2020 – Thoughts